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Does Your Online Presence Stink? Our Digital Brand Audit Can Show You The Way [Video]

Stephdokin Digital Brand Audit Dashboard Publishing

Establishing how you “appear online” and quantifying it for business management purposes is the first step of a journey in web excellence. The Digital Brand Audit creates a starting “Point A” framework that gives all stakeholders common ground for discussion and decisions as to what “Point B” is for your online properties and how to get there. If you feel like ... Read More »

FLIP Your Business In 2014

FLIP Business AcceleratorYYC Startup A100 Stephen King Stephdokin Wipeboard Whiteboard Business Strategy Meeting

One of the things that really floats my boat is the mentoring I’ve done with hundreds of start-ups over the years. The most common question I get is “How do I FLIP my business?” In their eyes, the gleam of the overnight success & exit is sparkling — talk usually drifts to “The Instagram $1B Acquisition.” I’m quick to dash ... Read More »

Ripoff Report is a Ripoff

Cash for Chaos Google gaming Ripoff Report Stephdokin

Managing your online reputation is an important aspect of a Corporate Digital Brand. Many companies offer online reputation management services. But, I came across Ripoffreport.com and my feathers got ruffled. Imagine a company going out and planting bombs in buildings and then charging the building owner to remove the bombs. But, that’s more or less what Ripoff Report does when it comes ... Read More »

10 Tips To Prepare for Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law (CASL) Starting July 1, 2014

CASL Canada Anti-Spam Law needs opt-in express consent Stephdokin

It’s no longer business as usual for companies wanting to market to Canadians. Earlier this week, the government of Canada announced that it will be bringing Bill-28 into law on July 1, 2014, with full effect starting on Jan 1, 2015. Any company sending electronic communications will need to comply with Canada’s new Anti-Spam Law (CASL) or face stiff penalties — up ... Read More »

Sorry, We Don’t Have Coffee

Stephdokin Sorry we don't serve coffee Customer Listening CEM Customer Experience Management TCELab

When we repeatedly tell our customers what they can’t have, maybe it’s time to simply start listening. There is an art and a science to listening to customers. Ultimately, you want to ensure that your company resources (people and $$$) are being focused on things that really matter to customers and increases their loyalty. This is the only way to ... Read More »