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Eleven Essentials to Fiscal Excellence for Entrepreneurs

Money Canada Coin Eleven Essentials to Fiscal Excellence for Entrepreneurs Finance Cash Flow

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re passionate about many things. Your products. Your clients. Your website. And, of course, you like to make money. However, it’s unlikely that you’re passionate about your financial management. It IS important, of course, and the sooner you get your head wrapped around fiscal excellence, the longer your business can have a chance of survival. I ... Read More »

Job Ad: Wanted! Digital Marketing Technologist

Stephdokin The Digital Brand Agency SEO PPC SEM Google AdWords Bing LinkedIn

A new type of executive is emerging at the center of the transformation of brands going digital: the chief marketing technologist. CMTs are a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. CMTs are part geek, part strategist, part creative director, part technology leader, and part teacher. * At Stephdokin, you’ll be that CMT for our clients. This is a hands-on, ... Read More »

Job Ad: Wanted! PPC Campaign Manager for Client’s Paid Advertising Google Adwords, Bing, etc…

Stephdokin The Digital Brand Agency SEO PPC SEM Google AdWords Bing LinkedIn

We’re providing PPC online paid advertising services to a growing roster of clients and we can’t keep up! We have a great opportunity in Calgary to provide world-class Pay-Per-Click digital advertising to local small and large businesses. PPC is both an art form and a science, and if you understand that, you can help oversee the  strategic direction as well as ... Read More »

Has Google’s Panda Kicked Your Organic SEO Ass?

Google Panda Pagerank Beek Art Stephen King Stephdokin SEO Organic Ranking Algorithm

In a kind of reverse SEO optimization alternate-reality that continuously shifts with hazy patterns, Google’s Panda update has significantly affected many companies PageRank either by bumping them down off the coveted page 1 and 2 of Google SEO search results for their most sacred keywords or by increasing their Google search presence. (oh, before we go on. WHY is ranking on ... Read More »

Eleven Essentials for Salespeople

Hot Tub Full of cash stephdokin

The role of a Salesperson has changed dramatically. Internet savvy buyers are more knowledgeable about their problems and your products than ever before. Insight selling, features vs. benefits vs. value, handling objections are all part of this quick Slideshare presentation that gives you eleven thoughts to ponder to get your sales performance to the next level. In my full Value ... Read More »

8 Predictions for the new Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL)


“We Kindly Request Your Consent To Opt-In To Our Mailing List” — Like everyone in our fair country of Canada, my inbox is currently inundated with corporate emails that have a subject line requesting permission to receive electronic communications.  The reason?  Canada’s new anti-spam law  looms like fireworks: CASL begins next Tuesday, July 1, a.k.a. Canada Day. As I describe in ... Read More »

“Work/Life Balance” is Horseshit

Work Life Balance leisure stephdokin stephen king

This notion of “Work/Life Balance” has been driving me nuts for awhile. You know why? Because my life includes work. I like work for the most part. Always have. I’ve been fortunate enough to not only get to do what I love, but more importantly, I have been fortunate enough to figure out that sometimes I just need to love ... Read More »

Bruce Lee Teaches a Content Marketer a Lesson [video]

Enter The Dragon Bruce Lee Content Marketing Content Publishing Inbound Marketing Stephdokin Stephen King

WHACK! Feel that on the back of your head? That’s Bruce Lee teaching you a lesson about content. “Emotional Content,” Bruce laments, in this outstanding video clip of a bygone era that foreshadowed the day of disingenuous content marketers, who are so concerned with quantity and coffee breaks that they miss the point. “It’s not an exhibition,” says Bruce, after ... Read More »

Where’s the “Don’t Like” button?

Don't like, like, share, like button, facebook, Stephdokin, stephen king, marketing, commuications, fuck, fuck you, screw, screw you

Facebook, like most companies, is in a constant state of evolution / innovation with their software platform. Understanding user needs is vital in any successful evolution, and if you wonder why Facebook (and so many others) get it “wrong” from time to time, you just have to ask yourself “who’s the customer?” (Reminder: On Facebook, YOU are not the customer. ... Read More »

Eleven Essentials For Communicators

Stephdokin Communicator Red Phone Marketing Communications PR Media

A communicator is a person who communicates, esp. one skilled at conveying information, ideas, or policy to the public. In most organizations, this falls into the realm of marketers, who are responsible for colours, logos, images and copy. But, I would argue that everyone can be and should be an effective communicator. A great idea poorly communicated will die; so will a bad ... Read More »

Ripoff Report is a Ripoff

Ripoff Report is a Ripoff

Content is 27% King

Content is 27% King